8K-Dramas to Watch on Disney+Hotstar if You Love Korean Shows: Rain or Shine, Snowdrop, Fantastic

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Are you a fan of Korean shows and looking for some K-dramas to watch online? The need is understandable with it being cloudy and raining outside our windows. Undoubtedly the rainy season inspires the need for comfort and warmth. In gloomy weather we are all settling indoors with our hot mug of tea or coffee and a cozy quilt, wondering what to do. If you are looking for soothing titles to watch online, then here is a must-see series of Korean dramas that will mesmerize you with their varied storylines and heartwarming characters. Have a bowl of ramen or soju, relax for a long night and take your pick from the K-drama options listed below:

rain or shine

In the rubble of the tragedy, Gung-doo and Mun-su find common ground of hope. The title is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with English subtitles.


Faced with death, So-hee decides to live out the best story of her life. The title is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with English subtitles.


The Zhang family, which has ruled the city of Bukcheon for 3 generations, walks the dangerous line between forgiveness and punishment. The title is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with English subtitles.

white-flowered plant

Amidst a dangerous political situation in Seoul, an enduring love story of university students Yeong-ro and Soo-ho blossoms. What will happen to their fate?

Soundtrack #1

When Eun-soo is asked to write lyrics for a song by a famous musician, she enlists help from her longtime friend turned housewife Sun-woo.

more than friends

Friends of ten years, Woo-yeon and Soo, secretly harbor feelings for each other. Will their love survive misunderstandings and missed time?

sixth sense kiss

Hong Ye-sul, an account executive at Xiu Ed, is making his way to work. However, she has a secret: She can see the future when she kisses someone.

doctor lawyer

Genius surgeon Han Yi-han makes a life-changing decision to become a lawyer specializing in medical crimes after losing a patient to surgical malpractice.

Additionally, Disney+ Hotstar also announced new offerings for K-drama fans that will release soon:

Big Mouth S1 (July 29)

A lawyer with a ten percent win rate is caught in a murder case and overnight becomes the notorious and talented con artist, Big Mouse. To try and save his family, he tries to reveal the true colors of the privileged who are involved in a larger conspiracy.

In the Soup (July 22)

This summer, prepare to be back and unwind with some of Korea’s biggest stars as they shrug off the stress of global fame and head to the country for a surprise visit in In the Soap: Friendskation.

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