American woman in Delhi kidnaps herself to extort money from parents. Here’s How She Got Caught

American woman in India, American woman in India
Image Source: PTI American woman kidnaps herself to extort money from parents in Delhi


  • An American woman visiting India kidnaps herself to extort money from her parents.
  • The woman called her mother and told that she was in an ‘unsafe environment’.
  • Her mother contacted the authorities in India and the US Embassy referred the matter to the police.

American woman kidnaps herself In a shocking incident, an American woman visiting India staged her own kidnapping to extort money from her parents living in the United States. The woman called her mother and told that she was in an “unsafe environment” and was being assaulted and beaten up by an acquaintance.

Police said Chloe McLaughlin, 27, had come to India on May 3, her visa had expired on June 6 and her boyfriend’s passport had also expired. Since he was running out of money, he kidnapped himself.

Here’s how the events happened:

  • When Chloe called her mother to tell her she had been kidnapped, her mother contacted authorities in India, and the US Embassy referred the matter to the New Delhi District Police.
  • On July 10, McLaughlin again spoke to his mother via a video call on WhatsApp, but before his mother could know any more about him, a man came into the room and their call was cut. During all this, she never disclosed her location in India.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Amrita Guguloth said the US embassy suspected the woman was either disabled or was being prevented from contacting her family.
  • Police used technical intelligence and, to trace his most recent whereabouts, sought help from with the IP address that McLaughlin used on July 9 to inform the US Citizen Services about his immigration document work. Had to send an e-mail.
  • On investigation, the police learned that she was staying in Greater Noida, and later raided a hotel where she was suspected to have stayed. But the staff there said that no one in his name had checked in at his hotel.
  • Meanwhile, investigators found that McLaughlin was using someone else’s WiFi when he made a video call to his mother, Guguloth said. “Our team tracked down the IP address and the mobile network associated with that IP address, which led us to 31-year-old Okorofor Chibuike Okoro, a Nigerian national in Gurugram. Following his input, police tracked down McLaughlin and arrested him. .
  • The DCP said that when McLaughlin was questioned, he confessed that he had abducted himself as he had run out of money within days of reaching Delhi, after which he and his boyfriend Okoro told their parents. Planned to collect money. ,
  • She had come to India to be with Okoro, whom she had befriended on Facebook before coming here. Both were living here together and were fond of singing. Legal action is being taken against both for staying in India without valid passport and visa.

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