Anita Advani remembers Rajesh Khanna on his 10th death anniversary; It is said, ‘He was like a king in the day, a child in the evening’ – Ananya. Hindi movie news

It’s been 10 years since Rajesh Khanna passed away, but Anita Advani, who was in a live-in relationship with the late superstar, says she thinks about him every moment. In a conversation with ETimes, Anita shared some fond memories with Rajesh Khanna, the remake of ‘Anand’, her bungalow Aashirwad and more.

“He hasn’t left me. I think about him every moment. How much he is alive in my memories. He is alive in everyone’s memories. Because it’s been 10 years and still there is some news about him every day This and that thing happened, she is still alive through her songs, though everyone tries to wash away her memory,” she says.

While living with Rajesh Khanna, Anita had observed his personality up close and personal. Sharing some of her fondest memories with him, she adds, “He was a kid at heart. He was a totally different person at home. Though during the day, he was like a king, in the evening and at night he was a king. He was like a kid. He would laugh, make noise, and sing songs. That day I was talking with uncle Salim, who said, ‘You can’t say whether he was good or bad. He was a different person.’ He was a unique piece. He had a knack for keeping you there. You can’t leave him. He will fight you, abuse you but there is no way you can leave him. He will give so much love and at the same time , He will fight you. You won’t know what is right and what is wrong. He had that magnetism I must say.”

The remake of Rajesh Khanna’s iconic film ‘Anand’ with Amitabh Bachchan was announced earlier this year. The film is being produced by NC Sippy’s grandsons Sameer Raj Sippy and Ramesh Khakhar. Anita wants them to do justice to the remake. “They are making it but I wish it was as good or better. The allure of those stars is gone now. Both that era and aura are gone. They are [stars] readily available. They want to be seen and they pay to watch. It has become the other way round,” she says.

After the death of Rajesh Khanna, life changed for Anita Advani and she had to move into a new house with her blessings. She had earlier said that it was a traumatic experience mentally, emotionally and financially. “The matter is still going on in the Supreme Court as the court had sent a legal notice to the family. Due to the Covid pandemic, the matter did not come to court. Ten years have passed. He wanted this house to last for 100 years. Everyone says that his house was the pride of Carter Road. No address needed, ‘Rajesh Khanna’s ghar ke paas’ is enough.”

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