Blockchain Firm Launches Russia’s First Digital Asset Deal Backed by Palladium

Blockchain Firm Launches Russia's First Digital Asset Deal Backed by Palladium

Blockchain Company Inks Russia’s First Digital Asset Deal With Palladium

Russian blockchain firm Atomys has launched the first digital token backed by palladium created by Nornickel, it said on Monday.

Atomys was the first Russian firm to receive approval for the exchange of digital assets in February, while the central bank has long expressed skepticism about cryptocurrencies.

“The emergence of Russia’s first industrial token marks the entry of the Russian economy into a new period – the era of tokens,” said businessman Vladimir Potanin in a statement to his Interros Holding, one of the investors in Atomyz and metals producer Nornickel. largest shareholder.

“Unlike unsecured cryptocurrencies, where blockchain technology is used to maximize user anonymity, industrial and other tokens are secured by physical assets, and the use of blockchain technology makes transactions with them secure,” he said. .

Russian bank Rosbank, in which Interros also holds a stake, and Vector X, a broker, became the first investors on the platform, Atomyz said in its statement.

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