BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR 310: What’s different

BMW Motorrad recently announced the prices for its third G 310 model, the G 310 RR. Based on the TVS Apache RR 310, BMW is built on the same platform and engine, and is also built at TVS’s plant in Hosur, though there are some key differences that come into play. BMW has retained the Apache sport bike styling with the same full fairing, split headlamps up front and bull-horn style tail-lamp signature, though BMW gets its own unique color options and graphics.

Both the bikes run the same 312.2 cc, single cylinder engine that develops the same 33.5 bhp at 9,700 rpm in the Sport and Track models and 25.5 bhp at 7,700 rpm in the Rain/Urban mode. Torque output is also unchanged at 27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm and 25 Nm at 6,700 rpm in Sport/Track and Rain/Urban modes respectively.

However, there are some key differences between the two motorcycles that go beyond just the paint and the graphics.

brakes and tires

While the design is almost identical, both the bikes run on different tires and use different disc brakes. The Apache RR 310 gets a petal style single disc brake set-up at the front and rear while BMW uses a more traditional round disc. Both run dual channel ABS. Both the bikes also get Michelin tyres, although it is the Apache that is better set on the G310 RR with the Michelin Road 5S than the Michelin Pilot Street.

In comparison to Apache RR 310, G 310 RR sits on different rubber, gets conventional disc and gets a miss on some equipment

Adjustable Suspension

While the Apache beats the BMW too, the suspension is at the front for the top variant. Both models sport the same 41mm USD front fork and pre-load adjustable monoshock as standard, though the RR 310 BTO (built to order) takes it a step further. Equipping the Dynamics package adds a fully adjustable suspension set-up allowing for pre-load, compression and rebound adjustments at both ends. Buyers can also opt for a race kit that brings with them a lower handlebar position and raised leg pegs for more aggressive maneuverability.

5.0-inch TFT Display

Another difference between both the bikes is the 5.0-inch TFT instrument cluster. BMW’s unit gets some manufacturer specific changes and while it shows all the same details as TVS unit it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. The Apache RR 310 gets TVS’s SmartXonnect system that provides you with a turn-by-turn navigation display, telemetry data, and phone call and message notifications.

On the Apache RR 310, you get the option of adding a lower handle bar and higher-set foot pegs along with a fully-adjustable suspension under its built-to-order program.

price ceiling

Talking about the price, the base price of Apache RR 310 is Rs. 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom) while the G 310 RR is priced around Rs. 20,000 in comparison. The prices of BMW G 310 RR start at Rs. 2.85 lakh (ex-showroom). Moving to Apache RR 310 BTO, the Dynamics package will cost you an additional Rs. 12,000 while the Race Package is a modest Rs. 5,000 more than the base price. This makes the Apache RR 310 priced at Rs 2.82 lakh – almost Rs 3,000 less than the base G 310 RR.

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