CAG: The decision of the Department of Telecom is troubled by the ad-hoc system

New Delhi: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has criticized the ‘ad-hoc arrangement’ by the DoT.Telecom Deptt) To open the application window for spectrum allocation for three-six months. It said this led to uncertainty of availability of the critical resource among government users, delayed spectrum Assignment and in some cases led to denial of spectrum.
Following the Supreme Court’s decision of February 2012 with regard to allocation of spectrum for access services, it was observed that the application window for allotment/assignment of spectrum administratively to captive users as well as other commercial services in DoT was opened. There was an ad-hoc arrangement for on provisional basis.
In its audit report on ‘Management of Spectrum’ tabled in Parliament on Monday, the CAG observed that the DoT had not administratively reviewed the pricing of spectrum allotted to captive users, though a panel has reviewed the pricing from time to time. The policy was recommended for review. 2013.
There was no differential pricing for spectrum based on the characteristics and usage of different spectrum bands assigned to government users.
The CAG observed that the DoT lacked ad-hocism in decision making and was marked by the absence of any permanent mechanism in the department, consisting of all government stakeholders. These relate to critical issues related to spectrum management, including spectrum allocation, assignment and utilization, as well as re-cultivation and sharing of spectrum among government users. There was no system for spectrum users to study technological developments across the world to suggest their deployment in India.

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