Congress hits back at Toolkit allegations, demands FIR against Nadda, Irani, Patra for sharing ‘forged, fabricated’ documents

May 18, 2021 21:33 First

New Delhi [India]May 18 (ANI): The Congress on Tuesday wrote to the Delhi Police Commissioner, demanding registration of an FIR against BJP President JP Nadda, Union Minister Smriti Irani, party spokesperson Sambit Patra, party leader BL Santosh and others, alleging That he called for “forged and… fabricated documents with intent to create communal disharmony and civil unrest” and to “divert attention from the failure of the Modi government to provide necessary assistance to the people amid the current pandemic”.
The complaint was made after BJP leaders made comments on social media with the hashtag #CongressToolkitExposed, in which they accused the Congress of “spreading false, negative news and spreading discontent”.
The Congress’ letter to the police commissioner has been signed by AICC research department chairman Rajeev Gowda and party’s social media department head Rohan Gupta.
It said the letterhead of the AICC research department was printed “forged” and “false and fabricated material”.
“Through the present complaint, we propose an FIR against BJP President JP Nadda, National Spokesperson Sambit Patra, Union Minister Smriti Irani and BJP General Secretary BL Santosh and such others for forging the letterhead of AICC Research Department and subsequent false printing For sharing fabricated content on the same, forged/BJP made document from your verified Twitter handle and other social media platforms, with intent to create communal unrest and civil unrest in the country, incite violence, incite hatred To wind up and spread fake news,” the letter said.
“The hidden agenda of this team of fraudsters was to divert attention from the colossal failure of the Modi government to provide necessary assistance to the people of India amid the current pandemic,” it added.
The letter alleged that the BJP leaders used their criminal intentions to hatch a pre-planned conspiracy to create unrest in the country and spread fake news against the Indian National Congress.
“Furthermore, the said fake content has been circulated by various BJP leaders and ministers under the Twitter hashtag #CongressToolkitExposed,” the letter said.
It said that the BJP office-bearers “are not only inclined to create ‘fake documents’ to target the Indian National Congress, but have also tried to malign India’s image in various public forums.” It said Congress and “millions of Indians have been providing community relief during COVID across the country since March 2020”.
Tweets of BJP leaders are also attached to the letter.
It said “fake news is being shared” by BJP functionaries at a delicate and difficult time when the nation is fighting to survive against the COVID-19 virus. The letter said it was a “delicate and emotional time when many families have lost their loved ones to the COVID-19 virus”.
“Sambit Patra, BL Santosh, Smriti Irani, JP Nadda and others can be prosecuted under relevant sections of IPC and IT Act. Kindly register FIR on the basis of above complaint and punish them strictly as per law ” The letter said. (ANI)

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