Delhi High Court dismisses plea seeking closure of SpiceJet flights

Coming down heavily on a petitioner seeking to stop flight operations of air carrier, SpiceJet, the Delhi High Court on Monday dismissed the plea and said the necessary regulatory authorities existed and the court was not expected to run the airlines.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma said, “The number of road accidents is much higher than the number of flight accidents in the country and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is a regulatory authority, is able to handle the day of airlines. The activities of the day and they check it before every flight as per procedure. There is also an age of the aircraft, which is also checked.”

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On this, advocate Rahul Bhardwaj, appearing personally, told the bench, “I wanted to show how 50 baggage was left behind by the airlines on July 16. Many allegations have been leveled against the current CMD. There is no proper management. On these airlines and they are playing with the lives of citizens. They are not paying salaries to their employees.”

To this, the bench retorted and said, “If the employees are not getting their salary, then they have a platform to go.”

The bench then asked what the petition was about. The lawyer replied, “I want for the safety of the passengers, the airlines should be shut down.”

DGCA authorized to take action

The judges remarked, “So do you want this court to run airlines as well? Now in your petition you can ask for rights to go to the moon, can we do that? The issue is why intervene when the DGCA is there. should be done.”

The counsel for DGCA also told the bench that a show cause notice has been issued on the recent incidents and they are looking into it.

Dismissing the petition, the court said, “This Court has been carefully read and the fact that the Aircraft Act, 1934, provides general conditions for the flight, registration and marking of aircraft and bodies, constitutes the DGCA Civil Aviation. and DGCA is competent authority to look into all such incidents. This court cannot restrain any airline from operating on the basis of press clippings in the petition. However, DGCA is free to take any action.”

Technical glitches in SpiceJect flights

The petition comes after several incidents of technical glitches in SpiceJet flights.

Advocate Rahul Bhardwaj, in his petition, said that there have been several recent incidents with SpiceJet flights. The petition has also sought a commission to examine whether SpiceJet’s operations are being managed properly or not.

On July 6, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet. This comes after eight incidents of technical failure in its aircraft since June 19.

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