Delhi Police Busts Child Seller Gang 7 Including 5 Women Arrested ANN

Infant Seller Gang: Delhi Police has arrested 7 people of the gang selling newborn babies to childless couples. 5 women were also involved in this gang. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted the gang involved in smuggling of newborn children and arrested 7 people. According to the police, 5 women and 2 men are involved in this gang. These people used to find childless couples and sell them after bringing children from Jharkhand. The police is looking for the Jharkhand partner of this gang who used to bring them newborn babies. These gangs used to target the couples who came to the IVF center for treatment.

According to the Crime Branch of Delhi Police, they had received information from an informer about a gang smuggling newborn babies. After which the police started dealing with this gang for the newborn child by sending a decoy customer. According to the police, the deal was fixed with these people for six and a half lakh rupees. After which a woman named Vinay and Madhu reached the pre-determined place in the Uttam Nagar area. Who later called and called a woman named Jyoti to Uttam Nagar area.

IVF center employee Jyoti used to prepare couples
Jyoti had a two and a half month old newborn baby. The woman who brought the child was accompanied by a person named Barkha and Bablu Shah. He took Rs 4 lakh from the decoy customer sent by the police. After which the police team arrested everyone. After interrogation, the police also arrested his partner Pawan and a woman named Simran. According to the police, the arrested Jyoti used to work in the IVF center. And she used to prepare childless couples to adopt children.

Police looking for Qutubuddin
A person named Kutubuddin, a resident of Jharkhand, used to supply them to children. Now the police is looking for him. According to Delhi Police, the members of this gang told that a person named Qutubuddin, a resident of Jharkhand, used to sell newborn babies from there. When the police raided the places of Qutubuddin, he escaped. The police is now looking for Qutubuddin, whose arrest will reveal from where Qutubuddin used to bring the children. Did he bring the children by stealing or did he take their children from poor families by luring them with money. Police is looking for Qutubuddin to answer all questions?

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