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Thirst is not a reliable sign of lack of water in our body
Dehydration has serious consequences
Too much water in the body can also cause problems like hyponatremia.

If we talk about our elders, it was an easy task for them to keep their body hydrated. Like when you felt thirsty, then drank water. But thirst is not a reliable sign of lack of water in our body, as our parents believed it to be. In fact, by the time we feel thirsty for a glass of water, we have lost 3% of our body weight. It may not sound like a big deal, but dehydration has serious consequences.

Dehydration occurs in the body of most people in such ways, which we cannot even imagine. Simply put, this is when the amount of water you drink; Much more water than that would have been reduced from the body. Let’s understand it.

How does the body lose water
We all know the common signs of lack of water in the body, such as: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, strenuous exercise, medications and conditions such as diabetes that are diuretics (causing frequent urination). However, there are many other ways in which we lose water from our body. One of these is, in hot and humid weather – our body sweats to cool down, but due to the high humidity in the weather, the sweat does not dry up. As a result the body does not cool down and the body starts sweating more!

The second reason for this is the beverages, which we drink with great fervor. Almost all cold drinks and caffeinated drinks are diuretics, which means that you are drinking a liter of cold drink of your choice, but you are only getting 700 to 900 ml of fluid. The thing to note here is that it does not contain alcohol, which is extremely dehydrating.

Apart from this, desi tea is also diuretic. For example, dehydration also occurs due to the high amount of sugar in biscuits. Most people do not realize that sugar dehydrates us, especially if you are diabetic. The kidney works to remove sugar from the body through urine and along with it the necessary fluids and salts present in your body also come out. What’s worse is that thirst often feels like a craving for sweets, so think carefully the next time you eat sweets.

Ways to retain enough water in the body
Now how the body gets enough water and how to maintain it, here the situation becomes a bit complicated. Hydration doesn’t just mean drinking the right amount of water. In fact, too much water in the body can even lead to complications such as hyponatremia, which can lead to dangerously low serum sodium levels. proper amount of hydration fluid balance (fluid balance). Simply put, this means having enough fluids and electrolytes in the body to keep cell-to-cell action, maintain your blood flow, keep your skin moisturized and your brain (and all other organs) To maintain it in good condition.

In a true sense, it is not only about maintaining adequate water intake, but also about keeping you hydrated through electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and other minerals. Usually, when we are hydrated and have consumed ‘normal’ amounts of fluids and electrolytes through sweat and urine, our (balanced and nutritious) diet is enough to supply these electrolytes. While most are also dehydrated due to their coffee habit, chronic diseases, medications, or poor awareness of their thirst. In fact, we are not even adopting the eating habits of our parents and their lifestyle and its direct effect is visible in the form of dehydration. Maybe that’s why he only needed to drink water for good hydration! At the same time, it also means that we are not getting enough electrolytes from our food.

Effective and considered solution, electrol
In such a situation, Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) has proved to be a boon. Electrol pouches are present in the first aid kit of most families when treating diarrhea and fever. But we underestimate their role in getting proper hydration, our daily requirement. After the discovery of ORS in the 1960s, it has come to be a life saver in extreme conditions of dehydration. Over the years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has propounded and proved the principle of rehydration through various studies. The right ratio of salts, minerals and electrolytes is very important for our body to overcome the lack of water.

Since 1972, it is available in India as Electrol. Electrol is now also available in a ready-to-drink tetrapack, especially for those times when you need instant hydration. Electrol has proven to be an excellent method of hydration. This is the reason why Electrol is India’s number one WHO ORS recommended by doctors.

Electrol is your most trusted oral rehydration solution. the last time you had diarrhea or had vomiting that worsened your condition; Who did you choose then? A sports drink? No, you chose Electrol for yourself.

Choose Electrol and fight dehydration. Monitor your water intake, try to avoid diuretic food and drinks and increase the amount of electrolytes in your body with a good diet. Listen to your body and choose Electrol when you know you need hydration!

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