Doordarshan’s ‘Captain Vyom’ to be remade in web series

New Delhi: Captain VyomAn Indian television series that aired on DD National in 1998, directed by Ketan Mehta and starring Milind Soman, will be remade into a web show by Brewing Thoughts Pvt Ltd.

Filmmakers and content creators are looking to tap into feel-good, light-hearted stories and nostalgia to captivate audiences emerging from the two stressful years of the pandemic. Modern remakes of comical hits like grapes (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s) comedy of errors) and Govinda’s 1998 comedy big mian small mian are in trend.

Media and entertainment industry experts said nostalgia has always been a great sentiment for milk, and the feel-good classics will appeal to audiences both old and new.

Sony Pictures will rebuild ShaktimanSuperhero television show that aired on DD National in the late 1990s, while content studio Applause Entertainment will be based on animated stories Amar Chitra Katha, The increase in audiences and listeners for old movies and songs during the pandemic speaks volumes about the affection for the old and the quirky.

Media industry experts say nostalgia related to sad stories may not work, but happy stories can always be revived, pointing out that new streaming platforms in India have catered to older audiences, including the over 60 population. have started to be completed on a large scale, from which these have become. Feel-good classics easy to market. There have always been assets and assets that are permanent enough to milk over time but lend themselves to new audiences and energy. Every new generation wonders how it can reinterpret these forms in its own time. It reminds you of a simpler time, and you can look back affectionately to find comfort in the familiar. Even the original show or movie available on a streaming platform doesn’t exclude the possibility of something shiny and slicker coming out without the old, seemingly quirky version posing real competition to the new offering.

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