EPFO New Online Service: Now you can also take benefit of this service of EPFO online

EPFO Online Service: EPFO keeps on trying to provide good service to pension holders. There are many services that EPFo are providing online so that you don’t have to visit their nearest center. Recently EPFO has unveiled a new way of online service by which users can take the benefit of Viewing the PF passbook, downloading PPO, and many more.

What is EPFO:

Under EPFO, the PF money of private employees is deposited. From their salary, around 12 % is deducted, and also another 12% is contributed by the employer. EPFO manages this money and Govt. provides a handsome interest on the deposited amount

According to the latest news EPFO has started a new service in the microblogging site KOO app. This service will help the Pension Holders in EPFO. They can take many benefits from this without going anywhere else.

Pension holders also can take benefit from UMANG App.

UMANG is a very popular application launched by Govt. of India, By using this pension holders can check their pension passbooks online, submit their pension claims, and upload their digital life certificate. Many other benefits are also available for other Govt. services in the UMANG app.

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