GoT star Emilia Clarke reveals she’s missing a ‘significant part’ of her brain after surviving two surgeries

Emilia Clarke has now revealed how parts of her brain have been missing since her brain aneurysm surgery. The actress revealed that she is one of the few who survived it.

Emilia Clarke opened up on her brain surgery.


  • Emilia Clarke survived two brain aneurysms.
  • In a new interview, she opened up about how parts of her brain are missing.
  • The actress revealed that she is one of the few who survived it.

In a recent interview, Emilia Clarke made some shocking revelations about her personal life. The GoT star reveals how her life has been affected since she survived two brain aneurysms. The actress is popular for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. She survived two brain aneurysms while shooting for GoT. Emilia said that she is one of the very few who have survived this surgery, and it is remarkable how she can still speak.

Emilia Clarke Says ‘Parts Of Her Brain Are Missing’

A brain aneurysm is a weakness in a blood vessel in the brain that balloons and fills with blood. If it explodes, it can cause bleeding in the brain. In 2011, Emilia Clarke’s first aneurysm burst, causing a stroke. She had to be operated upon after her second burst in 2013, when her aneurysm had doubled in size.

In a recent appearance on BBC1, the actress revealed how a part of her brain has been missing since the surgery. She said, “You gain a lot of perspective. The volume of my brain that is no longer usable – it is remarkable that I am able to speak, sometimes artistically, and live my life completely without any effect.” I am really, really, really a very small minority of people who can survive this.” The actor further explained his condition, “There’s a lot of lack, which always makes me laugh. Because stroke, basically, as soon as any part of your brain doesn’t get blood for even a second, it’s gone. and so finds blood. A different way to turn. But then all that’s missing is gone.”

on the work front

Emilia Clarke recently made her West End stage debut as Nina in The Seagull.

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