Governor’s office neither an ornamental nor a political position: Outgoing Vice President Naidu

Last Update: 17 July 2022, 23:42 IST

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said the governor’s office is “neither an ornamental nor a political position.” Called that the programs funded by the central government should be properly implemented by the states.

Naidu was addressing the governors, lieutenant governors and administrators of union territories at his official residence, where he hosted lunch for him and his spouse. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was also present on the occasion.

Naidu urged the Governors in the role of Chancellor of Universities to visit more and more universities in their states and interact with the students and staff to motivate them. He also suggested that they observe the implementation of National Education Policy 2020 in its letter and spirit. Naidu said the post of governor was neither an ornamental post nor a political position and his conduct should “set an example” for the state administration.

The Vice President suggested that the Governor can also become an important partner in the eradication of tuberculosis and other health awareness initiatives in the States and Union Territories. Giving the example of vaccination, Naidu mentioned how motivating people to get vaccinated has yielded positive results and has reduced the mortality rate in India.

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