Hindalco, Israel’s Phinergy and IOP to jointly develop state-of-the-art aluminum-air batteries for electric vehicles

Aditya Birla Group company Hindalco Industries, which produces aluminum, partnered with Israeli battery maker Phinergy and IOP, a joint venture between Indian Oil Corporation and Phinergy, to manufacture aluminum-air batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Is.

According to a statement issued by Hindalco, Phinergy and IOP will collaborate with Aditya Birla Group company in India on research and development, pilot production and recycling of aluminum, notably when it will be used in aluminium-air batteries.

Satish Pai, Managing Director, Hindalco Industries, said in the statement: “Climate action is an integral part of our business and our partnership with Phinergy and IOP is an important step towards reducing dynamism.”

“The partnership is also a testament to Hindalco’s globally recognized capabilities in innovation and R&D and we are delighted to contribute to the development of aluminum-air batteries. India is rich in aluminum resources and this technology can help enhance the country’s energy and resource security.”

David Meyer, CEO of Phinergy, a cleantech business best known for its metal-air battery technology, said the agreement with Hindalco marks an important milestone in the deployment of aluminum-air batteries in India. And that would improve “significantly”. Establishment of an ecosystem enabling the distribution of “aluminum as energy” manufactured in the country.

IOP Chairperson Sanjeev Gupta said: “The alliance will further India’s aspirational journey towards sustainable, affordable and secure energy options for sustainable and e-mobility purposes.”

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Despite the popularity and overall advantages of lithium-ion batteries in the rapidly growing EV market in India and other countries, many experts have highlighted their drawbacks such as high temperatures that can make them vulnerable, causing them to overcharge and become completely discharged. require protection, and they have a limited lifetime.

These problems have opened the door for researchers and businesses around the world to develop battery technologies that are better alternatives to EVs. So, like other options, is aluminum-air battery technology.

According to a statement released by Hindalco: “Aluminum-air batteries provide a viable alternative to other battery chemistries and will fuel domestic manufacturing of batteries to meet India’s growing demand for energy storage.”

Scientists predicted 20 years ago that the combination of an aluminum-air battery and XEV (battery electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid) would be one of the most promising future passenger vehicle technologies in terms of trip range, purchase price, fuel cost and . life cycle cost.

It is also recognized that the maritime industry, which includes container ships and cruise ships, airport ground support equipment and rural microgrids, are some of the potential applications for this bundled power.

When aluminum combines with oxygen in ambient air to form hydroxide, the aluminum-air battery invented by Phinergy releases energy. Such batteries significantly extend the driving range of electric vehicles due to their light weight and high energy density.


These batteries are claimed to be a cheap, portable and effective source of electricity. The aluminum hydroxide solution from discarded batteries can be taken to a recycling facility to recover all the aluminum it contains, and since these batteries are recyclable, they are also safe for the environment.

Furthermore, unlike lithium-ion technology, which relies on highly flammable organic toxins-based electrolytes, aluminum-air battery technology uses a completely water-based, toxin-free electrolyte; Hence, these EVs are thermal friendly.

According to the statement released by the Aditya Birla company: “The aluminum-air battery is expected to further facilitate EV adoption, and accelerate the transition to zero-emissions mobility.”

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