In phone call with Netanyahu, Blinken insists on de-escalating tensions with Palestine

May 13, 2021 01:37 First

Washington [US]May 13 (ANI): Amid intensifying conflict between Israel and Palestine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his concern over the ongoing violence.
According to US State Department spokesman Ned Price, Blinken and Netanyahu discussed the ongoing violence in Jerusalem and the secretary reiterated his call for all sides to reduce tensions and stop the violence.
The US Secretary expressed his concern about the barrage of rocket attacks on Israel, his condolences for the resulting loss of life, and the US’s strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself.
Blinken stressed the need for Israelis and Palestinians to be able to live in safety and security, as well as to enjoy equal measures of freedom, security, prosperity and democracy. The two leaders acknowledged the strong partnership between the United States and Israel and committed to working together on the challenges ahead.
The ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine marks a dramatic escalation in tensions involving the possible expulsion of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem by Israeli settlers and access to one of the city’s holiest sites, a staple of Islam, Judaism. is the center. Christianity.

Gaza’s health ministry said the total death toll since the start of the latest attack had risen to 56, including 14 children. Al Jazeera reported that more than 300 others were injured.
Six Israelis, including a child, have also been killed. The Israeli military said about 1,500 rockets had been fired from Gaza toward various locations in Israel and added reinforcements near the enclave’s eastern landmass.
Tensions between Israel and Palestine are rising sharply with rocket attacks and the United Nations has warned that the conflict is heading for a ‘full-scale war’.
The UN’s special coordinator for the Middle East, Tor Venesland, called on both sides to de-escalate a day earlier.
“Stop the fire immediately. We are moving towards a full-scale war. Leaders on all sides must take responsibility for de-escalation. The cost of war in Gaza is catastrophic and is being paid for by the common people. UN Working with all parties asked to restore peace. Stop the violence now,” he tweeted.
In total, more than 70 Palestinians are set to be evicted from Sheikh Jarrah in the coming weeks, who will be replaced by right-wing Jewish Israelis. Palestinians live in homes built on land owned by Jewish religious associations prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948. (ANI)

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