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As the World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that the coronavirus pandemic is changing but not over, and warned that cases are on the rise in 110 countries, companies are starting to open their offices and allow their employees to be physically active. Asking to join. Big IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and HCL Tech have already announced their long-term plans on work from home. Companies will follow a hybrid model in the long term – a mix of both office and work from home.

“This pandemic is changing but it is not over. Our ability to track the #COVID19 virus is at risk as reporting and genomic sequences are dwindling, meaning it is becoming increasingly difficult to track omicrons and analyze future emerging variants,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently said.

Coronavirus cases in India saw a one-day jump of 20,528, and 49 fatalities took India’s COVID-19 tally to 4,37,50,599, according to the latest health ministry data, while the death toll rose to 5,25,709. The active COVID-19 cases in the country have risen to 1,43,449 from 1,40,760 on Sunday.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 situation, companies are continuing with the work from home system. Recently, Paytm allowed its employees in certain roles (product, technology and business roles) to continue working from home. A US-based IT company Synopsis is also working remotely.

Apart from this, employees are also preferring work from home as it helps them to manage work-life balance in a better way and also saves money. “I feel more comfortable and productive working from home. It also saves time and money in the form of working from home, saving travel time and money on that,” said an IT professional, who did not wish to be named.
Schemes of various IT companies

TCS: The country’s largest IT services company has said that it plans to follow a hybrid model of work in the long term. Explaining its hybrid model of working, TCS has also explained 3E (Enabling, Embrace and Empowerment) in a recent letter to its employees. It also plans to set up Occasional Operations Zones (OOZs) and hot desks as agile work seats around the world, allowing its partners to work and engage with fellow team members from any TCS office. gives.

The firm will also follow a 25×25 policy, under which no more than 25 percent of the company’s associates will be required to work from office at any given time, and are required to spend no more than 25 percent of their expenses. time in the office.

Infosys: The company also has a long term plan for the hybrid model. Along with this, it is opening its offices in a phased manner. At present, only 5% of senior executives are going to office. The IT major has also announced its long-term plan for a hybrid model of work based on customers, regulatory environment and several other considerations. “It will be a phased approach and we are reviewing it every quarter.”

HCL Technology: The IT company has already said that one of its top priorities is the safety and well-being of its employees and their families. The company is committed to keeping its business as normal as possible, ensuring uninterrupted services to its customers, and will continue to operate in a hybrid model, it has said.

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