millionaire? Man found gold coins of British era while digging toilet pits in Jaunpur, UP

In Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, gold coins of British Empire period have been found while digging a toilet pit inside a woman’s house in Kotwali area of ​​the district.

The woman Noor Jahan and the family members of the laborers did not let anyone know about this incident that happened last week.

The police received information over the weekend and confiscated the coins.

All coins belong to the British Empire (between 1889-1912). Police is interrogating the laborers while some laborers are said to be absconding.

Noor Jahan, wife of Imam Ali Raini, was digging a pit for the construction of a toilet in her house.

During the excavation, some coins were found in a copper vessel, after which the workers started quarreling among themselves.

According to the family, the laborers had left the work midway.

The next day the laborers returned and in greed started digging again. Meanwhile, a laborer told Raini’s son about getting gold coins. When he started asking, the workers gave him a coin.

The Inspector-in-Charge reached the spot and started investigation.

The police went to the laborers with Raini’s son and inquired. The laborers at first denied any such incident, but when the police took strict action, it was revealed that gold coins were found in the first place.

The laborers returned the gold coins to the police.

It is not yet clear how many coins were originally found in the copper vessel. Police is interrogating the workers.

Machlishahar officer Atar Singh said, “I had gone to the spot. When the laborers were contacted, a total of 10 coins were found. All the coins have been deposited in the government treasury. The interrogation of the workers is going on.

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