Odisha Ration Card list 2022 (Updated): Download Village Wise Ration Card List PDF

Odisha Government has updated the new updated ration card list 2022. Download the latest village-wise ration card list PDF and check your name in the list. In this article, we will tell you how to get Odisha ration card new list 2022, how to check family members’ names on the ration card, and the procedure for online application for a ration card in Odisha 2022. Along with this, we will share some important information about how to check the ration card status onlineRation Card benefits, and its types.

Odisha Ration Card List 2022:

Ration card is an important scheme of the Government of India. Under this scheme, the Government of India works to provide rations to the people at concessional rates to the beneficiary. By using this card a family can avail of food items such as rice, wheat, dal, and even kerosene at discounted prices. This makes the ration card a very important document for every Indian citizen who is living below the poverty line.

In order to provide food grain at subsidized prices to all the BPL families govt. has introduced the ration card. It is one of the most important documents for Indian citizens. By using this card a family can avail of food items such as rice, wheat, dal, and even kerosene at discounted prices. Generally, a BPL family has less or no money and can’t afford food grain at such inflated prices that’s why ration cards are distributed by the government to carry out their lives.

Benefits of Odisha Ration Card:

Ration card provides a wide range of benefits to family members. Here is the list of benefits a ration cardholder can get. With a ration card, a candidate can avail of food grains at cheap rates. It can be used as an ID card in several places. In some hospitals especially in govt. A hospital ration card is required to get rebates and other benefits.

To avail, of the food items and other essential goods ration cardholders have to visit their nearest FPS (Fair Price Shop) store and can get the items through the PDS (Public Distribution System).

FPS is a Government-owned shop that is licensed to provide food items at a discounted price to families with a valid ration card. Nowadays the food grains are issued by proper Aadhar authentication process through an e-POS (Point of Sale) machine to avoid any fraud. You can check your ration card or contact the nearest block office to find your FPS shop or someone can also lift their food grain from any FPS shops thanks to the One Nation One Ration Scheme (ONOR).

Recently govt has launched SFSS (State Food Security Scheme), under this scheme, the remaining BPL families who are not added to the NFSA category can apply for a new ration card.

Types of Ration Card:

In Odisha, there are Four types of ration cards provided. Those are listed below.

  • APL: The full form of APL is Abobe Poverty Line. People with having income level just above the BPL can apply for this card.
  • BPL: The full form of BPL is Below Poverty Line. People with low-income levels can apply for this type of card. The color of this card is green and a family having a BPL ration card can avail food grain of 5 KG per head whether it may be rice or wheat or both (It was determined in the application form and to change this please contact the related officer.)
  • AAY: The full form of AAY is Antyodaya Anna Yojana. This scheme was introduced in late 2000 to provide food grains to the poorest families in India. In Odisha generally, a family with an AAY card can get Rice of 35Kg and other food items.
  • AP: Apart from this, the government has introduced an AP card (Anna Poorna Scheme). In this scheme, candidates can get free 10 Kg of rice.

Download PDS Odisha Ration Card Village Wise List PDF 2022: 

Odisha Government has made the ration card list online. It has become a very easy and convenient process for everyone. No one has to visit the block office frequently to check the name on the list. Anyone who has applied for the ration card or they have added their family member’s name to the ration card list 2022 can check the new list online.

Here is the step by step process to view the GP wise updated OTPDS ration card list:

  • Click the NFSA Cards and Beneficiaries.
  • Fill the required slots like District name, block name, and your nearest FPS shop name
  • Then click the get report button
  • Then a list will appear on your screen.
  • Find your name on the list or enter the ration card holder’s name in the search bar and you will get your desired details.

The Ration card list 2022 list is being updated on a monthly basis if you don’t find the name in the list then please wait for next month or visit the nearest block office latest information.,

Odisha Ration Card Helpline Number:

If you find any irregularities or have any problem with the ration card, then you can contact the below helpline numbers.

  1. 0674-2431644,
  2. 18003456770155335 (Toll-Free)

How can I check my ration card list in Odisha?

It’s an easy process. Visit the official website of PDS Odisha and enter details to avail of the Odisha ration card list.

How can I activate my ration card in Odisha?

You can activate your ration card by just visiting the nearest block office.

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