People were surprised to see this picture of Rahul Khanna, Malaika Arora and Neha Dhupia also made funny comments

Rahul Khanna Viral Photo: Rahul Khanna, son of Bollywood’s veteran actor Vinod Khanna, is dominated on social media because of one of his pictures. Actually, on Sunday, he shared a picture of himself on his Instagram account, in which he is seen without clothes. In the picture, he is seen sitting on a sofa with just maroon socks and brown shoes. This picture of Rahul Khanna started becoming viral on the internet as soon as he shared it.

He has also written a funny caption with this picture of his. Rahul wrote in the caption, ‘So, there is something I am keeping hidden – but now is the time to share! Join me tomorrow for the big reveal?’ As soon as Rahul’s picture came on social media, Bollywood stars were surprised to see him. Many stars including Malaika Arora and Neha Dhupia made funny comments on the picture of this 50-year-old actor.

Malaika Arora, Neha Dhupia, Rahul Khanna, Rahul Khanna, Malaika Arora, Neha Dhupia

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Malaika Arora Rahul Khanna Commenting on this picture, wrote, ‘The sofa is good’, while Neha Dhupia wrote, ‘The fun is good’. Along with the celebs, the netizens are also surprised to see Rahul’s picture and they are writing ‘OMG’ on his picture. Let us tell you, veteran actor Vinod Khanna has two sons – Rahul Khanna and Akshaye Khanna. You have seen Akshaye Khanna in many big films, but Rahul Khanna’s career was not a super hit like his father.

Rahul made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Earth’. He has kept his distance from films for a long time, but from his Insta post, it looks like he will soon be back with a new project. Even though Rahul has been absent on the big screen for many years, but he remains very active on social media and stays connected with his fans on his Insta account.

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