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Pop star Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years of jail for rape in China

Kris Wu, a Canadian singer of Chinese descent, was given a lengthy prison term by a Beijing court on Friday for offenses including rape.

After several sexual harassment claims from online celebrities and young girls, the rapper and musician was taken into custody by Chinese police in July 2021.

According to the court’s official Weibo account, Wu, also known as Wu Yifan, was found guilty of raping three women in November and December 2020. The crimes took place when the ladies were “intoxicated and vulnerable,” it continued.

In the 2017 science fiction picture “XXX: Return of Xander Cage,” Wu, 32, makes his Hollywood debut. In the past, he was a part of the K-pop group EXO. After he was accused of rape in July 2021, at least a dozen companies, including Porsche and Bvlgari, severed their connections with the pop sensation.

Wu was also found guilty of “group licentiousness,” which is defined as sexual promiscuity among three or more persons gathering together. One who is charged with group licentiousness faces a maximum five-year prison term. Cases involving minors may carry harsher penalties.

The conviction of the pop diva spurred lively discussion on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, where many users praised the decision. Some even claimed that they were “witnessing history” since Kris Wu is the first Chinese idol to serve a 13-year prison sentence.

Wu is one of 88 famous people who were put on a blacklist in China in November for engaging in “illegal and immoral acts,” according to the China Association Of Performing Arts. The blacklist was created, according to the association’s official release, to “strengthen industry self-discipline.”



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