Ratan Tata backed Repo Energy launches mobile EV charging solution

New Delhi: Ratan Tata-backed mobile power distribution startup Repo Energy on Saturday announced the launch of a ‘Mobile Electric Charging Vehicle’ solution powered by organic waste.

For this, Repo has signed an MoU with ‘Waste to Power’ organization Urja Biosystem Pvt Ltd and Batx Energy Pvt Ltd for mobile distribution of clean electric power to electric vehicles through second-life batteries.

Repo proposes to create an ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of all types of energy at the doorstep of the end consumers with the help of technology.

The company’s latest solution eliminates the land, capital and long-term requirement of physical energy distribution infrastructure. More than 50 million liters of fuel has already been distributed through the repo platform, resulting in total carbon emission savings of 14.85 million kg. Repo said mobile energy delivery is the future and the fastest way to deliver new (cleaner) forms of energy to the end user.

“We are proud to launch our customized mobile electric charging solution, which uses old recycled batteries to promote Green EV. It is also recognized as a fast-charging network available anywhere, anytime, any day in the city. Designed in Founder and CEO, Repo said.

Repo’s new ‘Green Mobile Electric Charging Vehicle’ collects waste generated electricity into recyclable second life batteries and then distributes it through mobile electric charging vehicles.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Aditi Bhosale Walunj said that about 75% of electricity in India is generated by the burning of coal and then this power is used to charge electric vehicles. “Also e-waste through batteries is huge in the country. We need to find solutions to these problems first and that is why we come up with this solution of ‘Waste to Electric’ fueled ‘Mobile Electric Charging Vehicles’. Where electricity is produced, recycled through waste is stored in second life batteries which in turn is pumped onto mobile vehicles to be used as charging stations for final consumers.The whole process ensures negligible carbon emissions. and thus fulfills the overall objective of a carbon neutral future.”

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