Rishi Sunak reached close to the post of UK Prime Minister most liked in the survey

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Rishi Sunak


  • Sunak got 115 votes in the third round of voting
  • Trade Minister Penny Mordent came second with 82 votes
  • By Thursday, only two candidates will be left in this race.

Rishi Sunak: The path of Rishi Sunak is becoming clear to become the new Prime Minister of Britain. Sunak topped the third round of voting between Conservative Party members on Monday. At the same time, Tom Tugendhat got out of the race after getting the fewest votes in the race for the post of Prime Minister.

According to media reports, Sunak, who was the finance minister in Boris Johnson’s government, got 115 votes in the third round of voting. Trade Minister Penny Mordent came second with 82 votes. Foreign Minister Liz Truss came third with 71 votes, while former cabinet minister Kemi Bedenoch came fourth with 58 votes.

Only 2 candidates will remain till Thursday

It is believed that one candidate will be reduced in the voting to be held on Tuesday. Till Thursday, only two candidates will be left in this race, between which there will be a competition for the post of PM. In the end, the contest between the two candidates will be an exercise to win over 160,000 eligible voters of the Conservative Party. The winner will be chosen as the new leader of the party who will take over as the new British Prime Minister by 5 September.

Opponents intensified attacks on Sunak

A heated argument broke out between the five candidates on Sunday in the second TV debate ahead of the third round of voting on Monday. Most of the candidates were attacking Sunak’s father-in-law over the assets of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy and mother-in-law Sudha Murthy. At the same time, Sunak said that he is proud of the achievements made by his wife Akshata’s parents through hard work.

On the other hand, Indian-origin sage Sunak, while answering the questions of his opponents, said, ‘I have always been a general taxpayer of Britain, while my wife is from another country. His tax issue has also been resolved. He said, ‘There is a comment being made on the property of my father-in-law, so it is necessary to answer it. In the beginning, Narayana Murthy had nothing but dreams, which were saved by his wife Sudha by saving some money. Later on, he made a big company in the world with his hard work. In which people are also getting employment in Britain. So I feel proud of them’.

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