Rita Bahuguna of BJP to Sonia Gandhi

21 May 2021 23:22 First

New Delhi [India]May 21 (ANI): BJP MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi on Friday wrote to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi urging her to ensure proper care of COVID-affected children in the states ruled by her party.
The BJP MP’s letter comes a day after Sonia Gandhi’s call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding free education to children affected by the pandemic.
“Daily newspapers published your letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi here today expressing your concern about orphans during COVID. We appreciate your concern, but perhaps you missed the fact that India The government has laid down guidelines and sent advisories to all states for rehabilitation of children who are either orphans, have lost a parent, or need support as both parents are hospitalised. or are ill with post-COVID complications,” Joshi said in his letter to Sonia Gandhi.
He apprised the Interim President of Congress that BJP ruled states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are taking effective steps to provide all possible help to the needy children and a comprehensive policy will be brought in this regard next week.
Highlighting the efforts made by the Uttar Pradesh government, he said that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced that the state government will take full responsibility for the orphans during COVID. The state government has identified 765 children, out of which 71 are orphans and the rest have either lost one parent or both parents are hospitalized or ill. Child welfare committees are in touch with such children and their extended family members. Joshi said that at present they are being provided with the necessary kits.

“We are committed to provide good education and a secure future for them. In Uttar Pradesh, the state government sponsored Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya program is underway. There will be one such school in all 18 divisions of Uttar Pradesh. If orphan children are given residential accommodation. require schooling. They may find a place in Atal residential schools. In other cases sponsorship programs may be implemented for children who choose to live with their extended families. Madam, complete rehabilitation, sustenance allowance, The policy of free education and more is being considered by our state government and the policy will be announced in the next few days,” the BJP MP explained.
Joshi said that the Madhya Pradesh government is also preparing a comprehensive policy for the orphaned or destitute children due to the pandemic.
“Madam, in this regard you need to monitor the Congress ruled states where the impact of the pandemic is extremely devastating and ensure that proper care is given to the children who are victims of the COVID pandemic,” she urged.
Sonia Gandhi on Thursday wrote to PM Modi asking him to consider free education for children who have lost both parents or earning parents in the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Amidst the devastation caused by the pandemic and the heartbreaking tragedies faced by the affected families, the news of the loss of one or both parents of young children to COVID-19 is most touching. The trauma of loss to these children is heartbreaking. Left with and no support towards a stable education or future.I am writing to request you to consider providing free education in Navodaya Vidyalayas to the children who have died due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Has lost both parents or earning parents,” he wrote to Prime Minister Modi.
“I feel that as a nation, we are indebted to them for giving them hope for a strong future after an unimaginable tragedy,” the Congress leader said. (ANI)

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