RPG Group 3 will fuel the digital journey with the Metaverse

New Delhi Harsh Goenka-run RPG Enterprises is implementing three Metaverse projects apart from developing platforms powered by Agritech, MedTech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as part of its digital journey.

According to Chairman Goenka, these projects are aimed at helping the group build new communities, better engagement and brand experience for employees and customers.

While the three Metaverse projects are in their early stages, the first project involves the creation of a virtual RPG campus, which the group hopes will “become the first platform where B-schools will come together for a purpose, such as on a live project.” working”, according to Samip Mutha, Group Vice President and Head – Digital and Innovation.

The group has named their second metaverse as KEC City. KEC International is the flagship company of the RPG Group and a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. The third project, CEAT Shopping, marks the beginning of the tire maker’s Metaverse entry. “We have finalized the plots for these metaverses (companies including Decentraland and Sandbox sell these virtual plots) but have yet to take off its commercials,” Mutha said.

According to Goenka, “Digital in RPG goes beyond factories and shop floors.” The Digital Transformation at RPG Enterprises, Which Costs 70-75 crore annually on the practice,” has fueled several changes, resulting in increased organizational agility, increased productivity and increased customer experience. For example, the group’s “entire human resources (HR) process digitized Our global workforce of 30,000 employees has the talent to enable a true hybrid working model, right from onboarding”, said Goenka.

Furthermore, while the group continues to focus on “transforming existing businesses”, it is focusing on “building platforms” and “creating new businesses” simultaneously.

For example, the group’s smart manufacturing initiative uses technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR-VR), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML), and blockchain “factories”. To create” according to Mutha, the physiques (combination of physical and digital) of the future.

For example, the group’s smart tire project, called iTire, connects multiple systems to collect real-time data on the tires used by vehicles. This data is then fed to an AI-ML model which measures tire load (on each tire), pressure, humidity, temperature, axle angle and other parameters (such as GPS, driver behavior data along with road conditions such as sudden braking). Connects the data. , and rash driving) to help fleet service providers take corrective action to increase tire life and reduce their cost per km.

The group is also building smart meters and platforms such as iPro (intelligent procurement), RPGserve (RPG service) and Click (which can be compared to Internet social media sites for employees). RPG costs a bit more 4000 crores on purchase of various items like steel, rubber, aluminum and copper. The iPro platform, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), uses AI-ML to help the buying team with key insights on “when to buy, how much to buy, from whom to buy from (multiple importing partners and countries) is”, Mutha explained.

RPGServ, on its part, is targeted at the pharma industry to help doctors and medical representatives connect virtually. “We have developed this platform in four months, and today around 60,000 doctors are using it,” Mutha claimed. RPG hopes to soon expand the platform to patients as well. According to Mutha, the click can be compared to “an internal Netflix for us”. employees”. He added, “It’s a year-old internal crowdsourcing platform that helps us innovate on a large scale.”

According to Goenka, the group “Harrison is also using several agritech solutions to better measure the quality of tea in Malayalam.” The Agritech solution aims to help small tea and rubber growers make accurate predictions by using satellite-based image analysis. Time to trim the tea leaves which can help in getting better price. Drones are being used for spraying of nutrients and pesticides.

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