Sawan 2022: A temple of Bholenath where only devotees worship, the example of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb on the walls

Report – Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow. A very historical ancient temple of Lord Shiva is situated right on the bank of Behta river on Hardoi Road, which was built by King Tikait. During the reign of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula of Awadh, Raja Tikait was his prime minister. The specialty of this Nawabi period temple built between 1786-88 is that this temple is built with Lakhori bricks, on which plaster and ornamentation have been done with lime spice. The biggest feature of this temple is that this temple is an example of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb.

All the walls of this temple are chikankari. That is, from the walls of the temple to its entrance and the outer dome, you will get to see beautiful fine chikankari designs, which add to the beauty of the historical buildings in and around this temple. To offer prayers on the first Monday of Sawan, a crowd of devotees is visible here since morning.

There was never a priest in the temple
This temple is open daily from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm. The second biggest feature of this temple is that this entire temple comes under the Department of Archeology. The Archaeological Department is getting this ancient temple repaired. Apart from this, there is not a single priest in this temple. Only the devotees open this temple and offer prayers to it. According to the nearby devotees, there has never been any priest in this temple. This temple has always been under the control of the devotees.

Behind is a tunnel and mysterious stairs
This temple is built on the Tikaitganj Hardoi road on the right bank of the river Behta in Tikait village. This temple is surrounded by boundary on all sides. There is a mysterious door just behind this temple, from where there are about 15 steps to get inside the river. However, due to the high water in the river, now only five steps are visible there. There is also a tunnel near these stairs. It is said that this tunnel was also built by Raja Tikait Rai. Although no one knows where these stairs come out. By the way, some people say that this tunnel goes till Bada Imambara. However, it has been closed by the Archaeological Department. Apart from this, it is said that whenever King Tikait had to see Mahadev through the river, he used to enter through this stairs by his boat and after worshiping Darshan, he used to go through the river again, so he especially went back. This way was built.

There are two Shivling in the temple
There are two Shivling in this temple. Apart from this, there are four entrances inside the temple so that there is no problem in seeing any devotees and devotees can come inside through all the four entrances. Apart from this, Nandi ji is seated just near the Shivling in this temple. Apart from Shivling and Nandi ji, there is no idol of any other deity in this temple. There is also a tree in this temple which is said to be ancient.

Devotees come from far and wide to worship
Poonam, who came to this temple to worship from the basti, tells that she comes from the basti to worship in this temple every Sawan. All their wishes are fulfilled here. Apart from this, local devotee Ram Rawat arrived with his wife Ramvati and both offered prayers. He told that both always keep coming to the temple. Mahadev fulfills everyone’s wishes.

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