State’s judiciary, agencies, appeals to transfer cases out of Bengal under pressure from Mamata: Arjun Singh, BJP MP

May 21, 2021 13:50 First

by Pragya Kaushika
New Delhi [India]May 21 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP (MP) Arjun Singh, who has been summoned by the West Bengal CID on Friday in an alleged corruption case, asked the Supreme Court to transfer the matter. There is an option to knock on the door. Bengal is being explored.
Singh criticized the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led government for the politics of vendetta and cautioned the state’s BJP leaders to prepare themselves for “thousands of false cases” by the state government in the coming years.
The Barrackpore MP said, “We need to understand one thing that BJP leaders in Bengal will get such notices and we should be ready for it.”

“There is a team of CID at Bhabhani Bhawan to make false cases against us and the MLAs. This is a trailer, the picture is yet to come. Thousands of false cases will be registered against us,” he said.
Singh urged the BJP leaders to approach the Supreme Court and appeal for hearing anywhere in the country except West Bengal.

“In Bengal, if the Chief Minister can sit on a six-hour dharna at the CBI office, the Law Minister can appear in court, it should not be difficult to understand how much pressure can be put on the judiciary or agencies. The Kolkata High Court also took We must go to the Supreme Court and we will go to the Supreme Court. In future, we will see many fake cases against us and these should be transferred out of Bengal,” the BJP leader said.
Bengal CID has summoned Singh in a case of economic offence.
Responding to the CID’s notice asking him to be present in Kolkata on May 25, Singh said, “This is not a new thing for us. In this matter, I have got relief from the Supreme Court. It is being done by Mamata Banerjee’s instructions. We can go to court to get our case transferred. I will talk to my lawyers. Already, the matter is in the Supreme Court. We respect the law and will take steps accordingly, Knowing that this is a false case.”
Singh said that four Trinamool Congress ministers have been arrested on the basis of solid evidence and the state government is crying over the arrests during the pandemic.
“The government of West Bengal is using the pandemic as per their convenience. There is no pandemic when they want to protest. It is politics of vengeance. The Mamata government has filed false cases against Left and Congress leaders in the past. and have associated them with our party,” explained Singh.
“Didi wrong door khatkhata rahi hai (Didi is knocking on wrong door). As BJP jawans, we will fight this battle and even give our lives if needed,” he said.
Singh also expressed his fear of being killed, and said, “I could be killed anytime. Eight months ago, an IPS had come to my house to hire two criminals from Uttar Pradesh to kill me. Now, this Two criminals were killed in one. There was firing in Chitrakoot jail 10 days ago. They had relatives in Bengal. And such incidents will happen. It is up to the Home Ministry whether to give us security or not.”
Singh said that the Indian Constitution would not be implemented in Bengal in the coming years. “In a state where CM can sit on dharna and law minister can appear in court to save his people, it is certain that the Indian Constitution does not apply there. In the coming five years, the people of Bengal will know. Whether they are on Bengal or not Pakistan,” he said. (ANI)

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