Stock Market: The mood of the market is positive, today trading may start with an increase, which factors will affect?


Germany’s stock exchange closed in the previous session with a strong gain of 2.76 percent.
The French stock market gained 2.04 percent and the London Stock Exchange gained 1.69 percent.
In the last trading session too, foreign institutional investors withdrew Rs 1,649.36 crore.

New Delhi. The Indian stock market made gains in the last trading session of last week and came back in the positive zone. Experts believe that positive sentiment will remain in the market even today.

The Sensex closed at 53,761, up 345 points in the previous trading session, while the Nifty climbed 110.5 points to reach 16,049. Experts believe that today there are positive signals from the global market too, which will have a great impact on the sentiments of investors. If buying is seen today, then the Sensex will cross the level of 54 thousand again.

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US and European markets
America’s stock market has also recovered from the fall of last week and there is a boom there. There was a steady decline here last week due to the Fed Reserve’s indication of raising interest rates and retail inflation reaching the top of four decades. But, in the last session, the US major stock exchange NASDAQ saw a strong rally of 1.79 percent.

On the lines of America, the stock markets of Europe also showed a strong jump and in the last trading session all the major exchanges closed on the gains. Germany’s stock exchange, which is included in Europe’s major stock markets, closed with a strong gain of 2.76 percent in the last session. The French stock market also saw a rise of 2.04 percent, while the London Stock Exchange closed at a jump of 1.69 percent.

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Asian markets also shine
Most of the stock markets of Asia opened on the rise this morning and are trading on the green mark. The Singapore Exchange is seeing a rise of 1.01 percent this morning, while the Taiwanese market is up by 0.40 percent. South Korea’s Cospi market is also showing a rise of 1.11 percent today. However, China’s Shanghai Composite is trading at a loss of 0.01 percent.

Foreign investors withdraw
The process of withdrawal of foreign investors from the Indian stock market has not stopped. In the last trading session too, foreign institutional investors pulled out money by selling shares worth Rs 1,649.36 crore. However, during this period, domestic institutional investors bought shares worth Rs 1,059.46 crore in the market, due to which the market managed to catch up.

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