Stuffcool Launches 10000mAh Power Bank, Looks Great, Special For Iphone, Price Specificatons Features Know All Details Here

Stuffcool PB9018W Magnetic Wireless Powerbank: Indian company Stuffcool has launched a new wireless magnetic powerbank in the market. This power bank from Stuffcool is Made in India and it has a 10000mAh battery. This is a pocket size power bank from Stuffcool. It is very easy to carry it anywhere.

Powerbank has Apple’s Magsafe Charging Technology

This new power bank from Stuffcool has Apple’s Magsafe charging technology. From this powerbank, iPhone 12 series to iPhone 13 series can be easily charged.

Specifications of Stuffcool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank

This power bank from Stuffcool has a magnetic charger, so that you can also charge other devices with all wireless support. Apart from this, wire charging is also supported with the Stuffcool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank. This means that devices with support up to 22.5W can be charged via wire from this power bank. With this powerbank, the iPhone 12/13 series can be charged with a charging speed of up to 15W. This power bank is of pocket size, so you can go anywhere comfortably with the phone even during charging. It also has an LED Battery Indicator.

The 15W wireless charging that comes with the Stuffcool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank lets you charge Samsung phones and phones like Pixel 6/6 Pro and Airpods Pro as well. Type-C port is available in this power bank. The company has claimed that this power bank is capable of charging the iPhone up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. Let us tell you, this power bank of Stuffcool has also got BIS certification for safety.

Stuffcool Magnetic Wireless Powerbank price

This power bank of Stuffcool has been listed on the company’s website for Rs 4,990. Apart from the company’s website, this power bank can also be purchased from retail stores.

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