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Sukesh Chandrashekhar Case: Based on the theme of film actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s film Kick, her alleged favorite Sukesh Chandrashekar has also been getting kicks. Sukesh Chandrashekar, who collected extortion of Rs 200 crore lodged in Tihar Jail, also got a kick after committing every crime and sometimes by becoming the son of a minister, sometimes by becoming the chief minister’s grandson, sometimes by becoming a judge of the Supreme Court. Sometimes, becoming the PA of the Law Minister, he climbed the stairs of the crime world. Even today, as many cases are registered against Sukesh as he is. At the first stage of his youth, his first act was a fraud of about 1.25 crore rupees.

The cases against Sukesh Chandrashekar are not registered at any one place, it has a long list of crimes from Bangalore to Mumbai via Delhi and the investigating agencies include CBI and ED besides the police. According to Sukesh’s criminal record, the first case against him was registered in the year 2007. According to this FIR lodged in Bangalore, he had cheated a businessman of Rs.15 crore in the name of getting land through Bangalore Development Authority.

adopted every method of cheating

It is clearly written in the criminal record document of Sukesh that once he entered the world of crime, he did not look back and many cases were registered against him, but the long list of these cases gives him a kick in the world of crime. doing. His exploits show that he adopted every method of duping people so that the person in front kept giving him money and by the time he came to know the truth it was too late.

Take a look at some of his exploits-

  • In the year 2009, in Bangalore, he cheated 3 lakh 72 thousand by claiming himself as the son of Minister Kannakaran Reddy. Took a gunman for his safety. Told the gunman that I am the son of the minister. Salary fixed 30 thousand, given 10 thousand, later the police registered a case of fraud of 20 thousand.
  • In the year 2010, a person named Kanan lodged an FIR that Sukesh had cheated Rs 2 lakh by pretending to be the grandson of the CM.
  • In 2010 itself, Joseph Alexander complained that Sukesh had cheated 6 lakhs in the name of getting a luxury car by pretending to be the grandson of the CM.
  • In 2015, by forming a company, cheated the general public of Rs 19 crore.

According to the documents, just look at this aspect of Sukesh’s fraud, when he was lodged in Tihar Jail, a woman judge from Delhi got a call in his chamber. Calling himself as the PA of a Supreme Court judge, the caller said that Madam Justice Kurien wants to talk to the Supreme Court. After this the alleged judge came on the line and asked the lady judge to grant interim bail to Sukesh. According to the allegation, if he did not listen, he was threatened with the alleged consequences.

IAS officer also made for cheating

After this, when the woman judge contacted the Supreme Court, it was found that the call was made by Sukesh and not by the Supreme Court judge. According to the list of crimes committed by Sukesh, he used to describe himself as an IAS officer to deceive people and sometimes as a joint secretary of the CM’s office and his criminal record shows that he took money for every alleged crime, even if it was thousands. Be it in lakhs or in crores-billions. He also cheated 63 thousand to get the tender in the Karnataka government and by becoming an IAS officer, he also cheated 19 crore rupees in the name of getting a wedding machine to Canara Bank.

Actions not stopped even in Tihar Jail

Sukesh was so clever that he did not hesitate to take any step for his convenience. When he was lodged in Tihar Jail, a call came to the Assistant Commandant of Tamil Nadu Security Police posted in Tihar’s security. The caller told that he is IAS officer Saravana Kumar and he is the personal secretary of Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The caller asked the assistant commandant to take special care of Sukesh as he is a special man of the minister. In the investigation, this was also found to be fake and another case was registered against Sukesh.

Not afraid to name any VIP

Sukesh’s condition was that he was not afraid to take the name of any VIP. Whether it is the name of Union Home Minister Amit Shah or a judge of the Supreme Court. He even once tried to benefit a private company by introducing himself to a receiver posted in the Mumbai High Court as the personal secretary to the Union Law Minister. A top officer associated with the investigation told without coming on camera that Sukesh weighs the person in front, then weighs and then speaks. All the time, some new plan keeps running in his mind. Even during interrogation, he kept showing his acrobatics.

From politicians to famous actresses trapped in the trap

From this art of Sukesh, famous actresses from politicians to Bollywood got caught in his trap. He even extorted crores from the leader of a political party in the name of getting his favorite election symbol and if the government reports are to be believed, sitting in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, unhindered in his jail cell, also calls famous TV actress. . At present, Sukesh Chandrashekhar is lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail and he is also accused of running his empire in jail by bribing jail officials. The ED (AA) is engaged in seeking legal advice before filing a chargesheet against his alleged friend Jacqueline Fernandez.

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