Sushmita Sen gave a befitting reply on being called Gold Digger, ‘I like diamond more than gold’

Ever since the IPL founder Lalit Kumar Modi called Sushmita Sen as his ‘better half’, many things are happening on the relationship of this pair. While many people are making memes on this pair on social media, there are many who have even called 46-year-old Sushmita Sen as ‘Gold Digger’. To say ‘Gold Digger’ means that Sushmita is with Lalit Modi for money. However, Sushmita is not the first actress who has got to hear such things after their relationship. But Sushmita is not one of those who listen to these things and ignore them. Rather, the actress has given a befitting reply to all such trolling through social media posts.

Sushmita wrote in her Instagram post, ‘It breaks my heart to see how unhappy the world around us is about everything.’ The actress further writes, ‘The so-called intellectuals who easily ignore their silly talk and gossip, friends I have never made and acquaintances I have never met, all of them have given their opinion and opinion about my life. Shared knowledge and called me ‘Gold Digger’!!! Wow, this genius.’

The actress wrote at the end of her post, ‘I have found it even after going down to sleep. I have always loved (famous) diamonds… and yes, I buy them with my own money.

Sushmita further wrote, ‘I have received a lot of love and support from my well-wishers. Your ‘Sush’ is all right… because I have never been in need of a few moments of borrowed light or applause from others. I am the sun who is completely centered in my being and my conscience.’

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Sushmita told the fans in her post that she is absolutely fine.

Let us tell you that recently Lalit Modi shared some of his pictures with Sushmita Sen on Twitter and called her his ‘better half’, after which the news of the couple’s marriage started flying. However, in the second tweet, Modi has made it clear that he is not married and is only dating.

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