Taslima Nasreen got angry over Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen’s relationship, said- ‘Is the man super rich? So what…’

Lalit Modi Recently announced his relationship and dating with actress Sushmita Sen. Along with this, he shared his romantic pictures from Maldives and Sardinia vacations. Fans and social media users also congratulated the couple and trolled them. Now, writer Taslima Nasreen has reacted to the relationship and photos of Sushmita and Lalit. Along with this, he has shared the experience of the first meeting with Sushmita. Taslima has written a long post in Bengali on her Facebook account.

Taslima Nasreen wrote, “I have met Sushmita Sen only once. Found at Kolkata airport. He hugged me and said that I love you. There is no one bigger than me in the field (writing area), so standing with him felt that I am small. I could not take my eyes off her seeing her beauty.

Taslima Nasreen Post

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Praising Sushmita Sen’s personality, the Bangladesh-born writer further wrote, “I liked Sushmita Sen’s personality the most. Adopted two daughters at a young age. Loved her honesty, bravery, awareness, self-reliance, her straightforwardness and her tenacity. But Sushmita is now spending time with a very unattractive person involved in different crimes.”

Taslima targets Sushmita

Taslima Nasreen took a jibe at Sushmita and said that she may be in love with Lalit, only because of money. He wrote, “Does this mean the man is super rich? So was she sold for money? Maybe she is in love with that man. But doesn’t want to believe that she is in love. Those who fall in love with money, they lose their respect very quickly in my eyes.

Tanmay Bhatt recreates Lalit Modi-Sushmita Sen’s viral picture, comedian gave this funny twist

Tanmay Bhatt reacted

Earlier, comedian Tanmay Bhatt has also reacted on Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen’s relationship. He has recreated a viral picture of both of them. In this picture, he was seen creating a moment with his roommate just like the original picture.

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