The adorable emu became a TikTok star overnight

An emu named Emmanuel has recently gone viral on social videos for his mischievous antics which you would not have expected from a bird. As its owner tries to record an informative video for TikTok, Emmanuel interrupts the filming by bringing his face to the camera. Emmanuel, who lives at Knuckle Bum Farm in South Florida, USA, has become in the habit of videobombing his owner Taylor Blake on the farm. While Blake tries to educate her audience about the farms and the animals there, Emmanuel can’t resist putting his face in the frame.

In a video uploaded to Taylor’s Twitter, the owner can be seen recording himself standing near a cow in the field. Soon, Emmanuel, who will be wandering around, enters the frame, even as Taylor is heard saying “Emmanuel, don’t do that”.

The video shows another example where the curious bird annoys its owner again by interrupting its video. Emmanuel constantly tries to feature in Taylor’s educational videos by bringing his face and long neck into frame.

As if interrupting wasn’t enough, Emmanuel even knocked on the camera once as Taylor tried to record a clip. Troubled by the constant interruption, Taylor then says, “How does this make you feel? Was it everything you ever wanted and hoped for in life? Do you feel full now?”

Emu’s acts gained significant popularity, with the video going viral and garnering 21.2 million views on Twitter. In a later video, Taylor thanked the audience for showering her jolly emu with love. And, yet, the emu is seen resorting to what he does best, interrupting filming and hitting the camera with his beak. “Emmanuel wanted to pop in and say thank you for all the love and support,” the caption read.

In the clip, the owner is heard telling the emu that though he is oblivious to the concept of the internet, he has become famous over it.

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