These 10 scooters are dominated in India, customers are buying hands


Honda Activa is once again at number 1 in this list.
Jupiter captured the second number.
Fascino was at the last number in this list.

New Delhi. India is a price sensitive automobile market. Here customers prefer to take budget friendly vehicles. This is the reason why there is a huge customer base for two wheelers in India. There are bikes available in every segment. Here we will tell you that in the last month i.e. June 2022, the two wheelers have occupied the market.

Activa No. 1
In terms of two wheeler sales, Honda Activa remained number one. In June 2022, 1,84,305 units of this scooter were sold. Jupiter was at number two, whose sales were less than half that of Activa. 62,851 units of this scooter were sold. In terms of sales, Acces was at number three. A total of 34,131 units of this scooter were sold. Dio stood at number four with 26,450 units. NTorq ranked 5th with 22,741 units.

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This scooter also sold well
11,321 units of the Pleasure scooter were sold. There was a drop of -36.88 in the sale of this scooter. The Avenis scooter was at number 7. At number 8 was the Burgman scooter, with a total of 8,793 units sold. By selling 8,091 units of Rage ZR occupied the 9th position. Yamaha Fascino was at number 10 in this list.

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Activa continues to shine
Honda Activa is once again at number 1 in this list. This scooter has remained the bestselling scooter of the Indian market for many years. The popularity of this scooter can be gauged from the fact that the number of units sold for number two Jupiter is less than half of the units sold of Activa. In the case of sale, it competes with not only the scooters but even the popular bikes like Hero Splendor.

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