Wait, what: Pizza Hut Taiwan Introduces Durian, Mango Toppings on Pizza

Fruit topping on pizza is nothing new to us. We have seen pineapple on pizza, pizza with kiwi topping and more. While some people love these unique toppings, some pizza lovers find it strange and quirky. Adding to the list of unique pizza toppings, Pizza Hut in Taiwan recently introduced pizza with tropical fruit topping. And guess what the fruits are? Let us spill the beans for you – it’s durian and mango. You heard us For the unversed, durian is a tropical fruit, mainly found in Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Japan etc. It is extremely sweet and looks like ripe jackfruit. However, what catches it all’s attention is the overpowering smell. So much so that durian is banned on many types of public transport in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Allegedly, Pizza Hut Taiwan wants to change public perception by doing justice to the “often maligned” delectable, earthy fruit. Hence, they have come up with “Duman Shui Jinjin Pizza” or Durian Water Gold Pizza. Pizza also uses mango and cheese as toppings. Pizza Hut Taiwan took to Instagram to make an announcement about this unique pizza. to keep track:

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According to the Pizza Hut Taiwan blogpost (written in Chinese), Durian Water Gold Pizza is a limited edition dish that has been introduced to the summer special menu. Ingredients include good quality durian (imported from Thailand), durian cheese chunks shaped like the popular “Tainan Yujing Taiwan Mango” and Pizza Hut logo.

“You can savor the richness of durian pulp and the sweetness and sourness of mango chutney in every bite, which will surely make you “durian” once you eat it, and you will fall in love with it,” the blogpost reads. Yes, it is written in Chinese.

If given a choice, would you like to try this unique (read: quirky) pizza? Do let us know in the comments below.

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