Weaving designs amalgamating culture and modernity, Deepti Vijaykar creates magic through Kazabi – The Ethnic Lounge

May 22, 2021 16:12 First

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]May 22 (ANI/Helin Spark): With sustained efforts and a creative mind, Dipti Vijaykar and her clothing label, ‘Kazbee – The Ethnic Lounge’ won the ‘Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ award announced by Transformation Forum.
Designing apparel that can provide comfort and yet catch the eye of everyone passing by is a skill that only the virtuous in the field possess. Fashion Designer Deepti Vijayakar Creating interior designs with fashion artistry keeping in mind the trends, Fashion Designer Deepti Vijayakar achieves elegance with her authentic Zari Kazabi collection.
Weaving with simplicity, Dipti embodies the traditions of the city in her ensemble and gives it a trendy statement. Kazabi – The Ethnic Lounge was initially an obsessive project which turned into Deepti’s dream to channelize her inherent creative powers. From a 100 sq ft garage room to a boutique shop amidst the opulence of Mumbai, he has made Kazabi a designers’ hub. The Indian market is the center of bridal wear and one of the most prized possessions for growing up women. Bridal wears tend to be passed on to the generations to come as a legacy full of love and affection. The designers at Kazabi create simple designs that are delicately tailored to perfection, that promise to never lose their touch over time. Her proficiency in authentic and embroidered bridal wear makes her stand out in the market.

As a women entrepreneur, Deepti focuses on empowering her clients with every style she has. Each design that comes out of this label has its own distinctive charm and is hand crafted to perfection. This has contributed to its growth in the business world at an exponential rate. As an entrepreneur venturing into the fashion industry, her underlying motto is to illuminate, simplify, clarify, revise, honor, pretend, persuade, and perhaps fool the world she’s given. Gone are its eyes on sophisticated style statements.
Inspired by the city of Mumbai and its thousand-year-old culture, Deepti came up with the idea of ​​Kazabi, an authentic zari collection that embroiders it with embroidered perfection. She says, “Kazabi is an attempt to keep the culture of the city alive. Like the old architectural marvels of Mumbai, which are timeless and everlasting, the entire Kazabi collection is timeless. New trends keep popping up in the industry now and then. . , yet they all somehow achieve that sophistication that was born years ago. Kazabi Pathare brings together the culture of Prabhu and the Parsi community, while simultaneously fulfilling our deeper purpose of curating a fashion statement Which also reflects modernity.”
Combining traditional taste with sumptuous modern elements, Deepti has been a great source of inspiration not only to her team but also to all women entrepreneurs who are in search of their calling. She has catered to the needs of many famous Marathi personalities and has also designed beauty pageants including Mrs Dadar. Since its launch in 2013, due to their tireless efforts, Deepti and Kaazbi have shown a strong name in the industry.
Running a successful online and offline store, Deepti can be contacted anytime through her Instagram and website. Giving prime importance to client feedback, she maintains cordial relations with all her clients. A woman entrepreneur with an eminent soul full of dedication to her work, Deepti Vijaykar is one of the leading ladies in the fashion industry.
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