Work thing: You can check the brake pads of the car sitting at home, just have to do this work


Open the wheels to check the brake pads.
Check the amount of dust on the brake pads.
The brake pads can be seen through the holes in the wheels in cars.

New Delhi. While we take care of our cars with a lot of love, we often miss out on some important things. One of them is the brake pad, which is used repeatedly while driving the car. The quality of brake pads should also be good for a good braking system. If the brake pads are damaged then there may be trouble. Such brake pads can cause brake failure, which can be fatal.

To check whether the brake pads of your car are working properly and properly, here are some tips to check, following which you can easily check the brake pads.

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park the car and let the brakes cool
The first step is to park the car on a plane and let the brakes cool down. Even a short trip on the car can make the brakes very hot. Therefore, they should be allowed to cool before working on them. It takes at least an hour for the brakes to cool down.

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Unscrew the wheels and check the brake pads
Once the brakes are sufficiently cooled, open the wheels to check the brake pads. It is normal for dust to settle on the brake pads. As brake pads wear out, the buildup of brake dust reduces. If the wheels are clean, it could be a sign that the brake pads need to be replaced.

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Check brake pads without removing wheel
In many cars, the brake pads can be seen through the hole in the wheel. To check the condition of brake pads one needs to check its thickness. Use a flashlight to get a closer look at the brake pads. If they look thin or less than a quarter of their thickness, it’s time to replace them.

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